Seattle Treasure

Seattle's Free Treasure Hunt

Seattle Treasure is Seattle's free treasure hunt. hides prizes throughout Seattle and releases clues to help its fans find them.

Current Search

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04/18: Spring Search Begins

The Spring Search will consists of 4 hidden treasures throughout Seattle. You are looking for a popsicle stick with and a code written on it. Hints will be posted frequently and some will only be available at certain times of the day. Each treasure is worth $30 cash.

12/04: Winter Search Begins
Today marks the beginning of the Winter Search. It is a search that consists of 4 treasures that require several objectives each to obtain. Check out all the details at the Current Searches Page.

08/28: September Photo Search
Photo Search

Today marks the beginning of the Photo Search. The Photo Search will be a search that will use photos and words as clues. Pay close attention to the hints as they may reveal subtle hints. Certain clues will be available at some times of the day, but missing again at other times, so keep checking back!

06/10: Don't Go There!
This is a reminder to hunters. Please do not go searching for treasure on private property or in off limits places. All treasure is hidden in places that you won't get in trouble searching. Thanks and have fun this weekend! Loren Anderson
04/29: New Search Coming
The Sport Search is winding down to an end. Early next week will be starting another search!
03/08: The Arts Search begins today!
The Arts search is a search that will explore different arts of Seattle. Visit the Current Searches page for more details! Sponsors include Magic Lanes Bowl  in Shorewood, Hotwire Online Coffeehouse which can be found in the heart of West Seattle, and Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe  in the U District.
02/09: Valentine's Day Search sponsored by!
The Valentine's Day Search is this weekend! It will be a Saturday/Sunday 2-Day search (Feb 13th and 14th). Clues will be released every couple of hours and it is a great idea for a free and fun date!  The treasure will be a beautful necklace donated by . features handmade jewelry created by local artist Anne Anderson. You can see jewelry at Fremont Jewelry Design and Upfront Gallery in Issaquah.  Keep checking back for further details!

02/09: Email, SMS, and Seattle Times
Join the SMS and Email list for instant notification of hints! Also, check out the Seattle Times for an article on us.

Chaco Canyon Cafe

Seattle's Greenest Cafe, specializing in Organic, Vegan, Raw, and Gluten-Free cuisine.

Handmade Jewelry by local artist Anne Anderson.

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